Everybody dies
Everybody dies
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started my birthday stoned and ended my birthday stoned

Asked by mymilkcakes
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a good day :)

thank you!

Asked by Anonymous
So happy for you! You deserve a good one!:D

thank you so much :)

Happy birthday! (: I'm glad its been great so far!

thanks love!!

Asked by Anonymous
its your birthday and im stoned happy birthday

ilysm thanks babe

i actually had a good bday & its not even over yet

You are a lucky duck if you're stoned as its your birthday. Happy birthday

hahahaha thank you love :)

its my birthday and im stoned kk

Asked by bitchur
happy birthday!!!! i hope your day is great xo

thank you love :)

so its my birthday???

I will be crying into my birthday bc fault in our stars

❝ and I am in love with you… sorry ❞
- The best book ever

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i just told off my professor and i almost threw a computer at his head